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Use simulators anywhere, anytime, with any device !

DLMS wins InterTech Award ; New features make trainer tasks easier

Introduced with V 5.0, the new version of the DLMS has received an Intertech Technology Innovation Award for 2013.
A trainer or training coordinator can access the DLMS to review usage history of simulators. The information is available for each site, group and trainee. The instructor can choose a time interval (period of use) or display all usage information since the first use of DLMS.

The DLMS is language independent : trainees can work in Chinese, Spanish or Japanese, and the instructor can review their work in English or French.

Improved user management
The trainers need to communicate with users to organize their training. The DLMS now adds email exchanges between the instructor and students so that students receive notice of their expected training path.
Different events are notified :

• New user registration.
When a trainer or an administrator creates a user account, the user receives a confirmation email including the name of the group and the trainer in charge.

• Assigning a course.
When assigning a course, users in the group will receive an email indicating the name of the course, the number of exercises to solve and the end date (by which the exercise should be done).
For more information about the InterTech award see

English version


Basé sur le nuage, la gestion de l’apprentissage
distribué DLMS (Distributed
Learning Management System ) est un
système qui permet au formateur de
gérer et d’évaluer facilement un grand
nombre d’apprenants sur un ou plusieurs
sites. Le DLMS fournit une analyse
automatique des sessions de formation
et produit des rapports indépendants
de la langue utilisée lors des exercices,
retraçant le temps, les coûts de production
et le classement.

French version


Distributed Learning Management System
(DLMS) Das Cloud-basierte DLMS
macht es für Trainer einfach, eine große
Anzahl von Trainees, innerhalb und
außerhalb eines Trainingsraums, zu
managen und zu bewerten. DLMS stellt
eine automatische Analyse der Trainingseinheiten
und sprachunabhängige
Protokolle zur Auswertung nach Zeit,
Produktionskosten und Rangliste zur

German version


El DLMS, sistema basado en nube, facilita
a los formadores manejar y evaluar
grupos numerosos de alumnos ya sea
presencialmente o no. El DLMS proporciona
un análisis automático de las
sesiones de formación e informes independientemente
de la lengua con la que
se hayan hecho, para poder hacer un seguimiento
de resultados de

Spanish version