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Company Overview

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Sinapse Print’s staff is a mix of engineers in artificial intelligence, printing technical specialists, programmers, and project managers. This team has developed methods to successfully model complex printing processes and to allow operator interaction with them. The result: the world’s highest quality printing press simulators.

A key to their success is that each simulator has been developed with a core of industry specialists who work together to develop, validate, and perfect each program. The team identifies and documents cause and effect data with a printed sample for each. It also progressively evaluates and improves each model in some of the following ways:

- Print Fault Analysis:

Identification of attributes and visual aspects to display and correct print faults.

- Machine Analysis:

Definition each press component, its possible faults and consequences.

- Machine Actions:

Creation of an interactive press console and printing press with variable settings.

- Materials Analysis:

Evaluation of inks, substrates, and other consumables and their potential problems.

- Analysis-Help:

Cross-referencing of the entire system.

Sinapse Print’s virtual printing simulators are proven and have received many industry accolades including the GATF Intertech Award. Hundreds of simulators are running throughout the world in printing companies, specialized educational institutions, and with industry suppliers.